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We are glad about your interest on our SMILEYTOURS-club. Enjoy all the advantages of your  club-membership.  As a club-member you will get regularly information about tour-offers, presentations, fairs and  special events. Additionally you get a variety of financial benefits within our company and from  our partners. As a club-member you save on principle 5 % on all genuine offers of our company. Only for you  we develop exclusive tours, which are presented only to our extraordinary club-members. As  well you get a free baggage insurance for those tours you book from our own original offers.  After all you get a (pre-paid) Master-Card including the first annual-fee (of 29,90 €) plus a 5-€-  deposit.  For the club-membership you pay only once a fee of 20,00 CHF or 23,00 €. During your  membership no other costs will be charged! Please notice that only adults could become a  club-member; the membership is valid for 5 years.  You see, it is worth to become a club-member. Interested? Then contact us here.